Tin men.

  • Juda June 29, 2020

Our childhood mind trip into the future turned into the century’s biggest joke.

Jokes about our expectations of 2020 with flying cars vs reality of toilet paper shortage!

A bigger “haha yet sad moment” is the shortage of fair chances of a semi normal expected life.

As a child at least once we thought and hoped to witness flying cars taking turns to park and raise robots for pets.

Entering home being greeted and felt by a majestic cyborg sharming voice.

Each and everyone of us had a custom made dream of what a futuristic world might look like.We had dreams,supposedly!

Not nightmares.

Personally I doubt that any of us as a child had dreamt about famines,wars or pandemics.

At that era “conspiracy theories” were as a myth as “Hephaestus” still is.

Years later famines floated as goodwill sank even more,wars have rissen as humanitarians shrank tighter,viruses became deadly at the right price with nothing to bargain for but lives.

When we once imagined an ashy world made of steel where virtual images flashed as billboards of a new order,we hardly imagined anything further than robots and mechanics.

Such a gloomy cold though efficient imagery was always accompanied with a side show of humans defending what once was a life God created.

This image is the opposite of a green clean world.A world where peace and harmony are a global constitution,light workers carrying their part.

Creatures living as entitled and preserved to be harmonious.No hunger not even pain,where misery is a dragon and just a fable.

Years passed by where a new world was manifested,apparently by “tin men” opportunists,heartless dedicated evil creatures.

If the heresay is even remotely accurate,we might be witnessing the opening of a gate way to hell tour,resembling nothing that was in mind.

The starting line is a lustrous gate followed by a bridge that in order to cross you should be willing to carry along loads of destructive Karma that will indeed haunt our reincarnating souls for lives ahead only to reach hell tour instead of the emerald city.

That emerald city that modern tin men are running away from!




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