Vampires are real!

  • Juda April 1, 2020

Have you ever been in a relationship or even around a certain person and felt a state of discomfort irritation or even an energy drainage?

Whether you are an empath or not energy floats around,the only difference is the magnitude of feeling and how you cope with it.

If you are around or with

a drama queen,an unaccountable person,a one up – you, the martyr,a pathological liar, a dimisher (one who diminishes any sort of input you have and make you feel trivial), and last but not least for sure “the joker” (not the one with the Haha! jokes,the one that makes fun about people around to get validated) I am sorry to say but you are in the presence of the less than magical Energy Vampire.

At risk of sounding judgemental but you are better off counting grass than being around one of those (for your sanity and psychological balance).

A solo seating a week can literally make a hell of a mood go imagine dealing with one of these on daily basis.

Whether it is in your work space,family member or worse a life partner!!!

That intoxicating sensation of being exhausted can go a long way from merely physical to psychological distress.

Symptoms like experiencing fatigue and heavy lids to binge on carbs can eventually end up with some more critical stages like thyroid problems,irritable bowel syndrome,diabetes or any autoimmune disorder.

Keeping it short,nothing tops you staying away from these mutated creatures,but at the knowledge that some encounters may be mandatory it is advised that some mechanisms be used to protect your energy and sustain inner balance.

A certain amount of anger release is due,don’t sugar coat it and don’t shuv it suffocatingly down,any tolerance or approval of this draining conduct is due to inner shaming once you let that go,it becomes harder for anyone to feed of your energy.

By not giving love to a bottomless pit,and expecting to be validated and reciprocated you would be cutting down the pulling cord.

Set your limits and don’t compromise your righteous peace for affection and acceptance.

On the brightside of the story,being a victim for these types of characters says much about you as well,an energetic giver with the best intentions of caring and loving.

For more on this topic

Dr.Mario Martinez has a beautiful book written on this issue called “Mind Body Code”.



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