Shed it away.

  • Juda April 5, 2020

When was the last time you actually gave an excuse or just a slack for someone different?

A different way of conduct or behaviour,just a different mindset than yours?

Well ofcourse! You do it all the time.

Being an inner peace inhibitor that doesn’t judge.Judging is wrong,at least we know it is because that is what we were taught while growing up.Don’t point out anyone with a disability,don’t stare,don’t spread rumours (well,when it is a fact that everyone knows,it’s not a rumour anymore!).

Great so far,you were all raised as well,as I was.

But again how does that workout in parallel midset of fixated Do’s and Don’ts!?

Don’t point out a person with somehow “untraditional” wardrobe (what ever that means)but yet you on the other hand,you are not supposed to have the same sense of style,it is a taboo.

Don’t go rolling your eyes and get all worked out about that loud girl that laughs alot and spreads jokes around,but.. doing so youself is a rude act and such a non-lady/gentleman like behaviour.

Lets go through that conservative family that thought and believed for a fact that cigarettes are a big No!

They went out having lunch in a nice family friendly ambience picked wisely,away from hungry “nonconservative” individuals,while waiting for the parents to to the order for the famished yet excited youngesters,one of the kids’ sight fell on an attractive lady holding a “vicious”cigarette in such a smooth way that for a second you would confuse her smoke for a fresh breathe of reviving spring air.

While the youngster gazed innocently, a disciplinary “clearing throat” cough was heard accompanied with a “raised brow”from the matriarch,one so firm that even the father felt intrigued in the direction of his child’s trace of sight,only to gaze too but shortly,then rapidly focusing elsewhere behind that smoking lady (being trained for years longer to see that act as unacceptable and nasty!)

After such a scenery!!

To say the least those kids and many typicals are none smoker adults with fixated notion of that loose behaviour, or they turned to be elite smokers,that is ofcourse if they were able to over come those parallel lining of what was infused to them like eardrops fixing their brains from being inflamed with such acts!

Our shaddow selves are an accumulative result of such beliefs,that are deeply burried we actually forgot how they are even there to start with.

Whether we criticize or not but any harmless act being firmly refused,is only because of the programming done long ago,one way or another.

But isn’t a character scheme supposed to be personalized and unique!?

How are we able to do that for ourselves,while carrying the loads of presumptions from “The rightous manual of conduct and behaviour”?

Not to forget “The social acceptance catalogue” that you can pick a category to belong in. That is ofcourse if you are not bonded to partner holding his/her own checklist of “Praised and wicked”!

Well add all in, and you would get the perfect recipe for a “lost miserable identity”.

Yes indeed,it is horrifically scary to persue your own path in life away from the herds and for sure you can’t do it without the risk of being judged, persecuted and even cut out for simply wanting to take a shot at being comfortable in your own skin or even happy!!

If you left this personalized opinion, with the notion, that pursuit of happiness demands some strength, and transforming those infused beliefs into a custom made version you make to yourself.And a sincere acknowledment that people more likely want to be in your shoes-even for a short while of momentary of happiness and satisfaction-more than they believe it is actually wrong ,then it is a time well spent reading all this.

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