Leave your head.

  • Juda April 1, 2020

Anticipation magnifies everything out of proportions!

Let’s start with that dental appointment you took on Monday for Wednesday afternoon.

The two days simmering grudge of having to go are enough to turn a chapped tooth into an amputating sword wound.

Well its Wednesday and after kicking yourself into actually going where u sweat and clinged to the chair, 30 minutes later, you are done for the better or the worst of it.And guess what!?

You got to be yet another survivor on the (full of survivors) patients list.What a relief!

And a waste of worriedness!!!

Another example of a crippling mindset is a dream job interview or going out on a one on one hot date for the first time.

Yea,you have it all worked out and rehearsed more times than you can even remember,wide shoulders back,chin up ,a lateral shiny smile with an enchanted clean throat introduction.

There you are on time,ready and all but a slip happens or you just managed to get yourself more nervous than expected (if that is even possible).

Your presentation or velvety dinner goes out the nearest window from rehearsal to real stage action,you are standing there sweaty palms or a goofy smile or both!!!

Get a grip and act normal when normal seems so out of reach,or would you get a recap!?

Well both being not so easy but doable nonetheless, best case scenario is to lighten up and get your person/s to move into your headspace and laugh it out together.

Some anticipations and expectations can get in your way,some if not most (unless you have a quick come back strategy or you are known to be some of a lighter critic on yourself) it can be immobilizing and wasting a perfect opportunity only because “in your head” it played out a different scenario,and when faced with real encounter the mind was already fixated and out of their induced comfort zone.

With the power of imagination and theoretical script writing skills comes a high probability of unaccounted for slips,managing not to get “bummed out” is great,but at a certain level learning to accept it as it is when it comes along, the simple way is the right art to learn.

You would be astonished how freeing and liberating most of things would get.

It is tempting to think that we are ready and knowledgeable of what a scenario would play out,but that doesn’t mean it is the useful approach to go by.



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