Why Affirmations should be your breakfast,lunch and dinner? (Part 1)

  • Juda March 23, 2020

Let’s start with what affirmations are?

Affirmations are statements said with confidence about a perceived truth.

These statements are used to reprogram the subconscious mind to encourage its belief of certain things about ourselves or about the world and our place in it.

They are also used to help us create the reality we often in terms of making or attracting wealth,love and happiness.

This technique was more common in stress management by speaking to one’s own self and affirming it,that “All will be well and OKAY!”

This expanded into reprogramming the mind into all sorts of different purposes.

Now a quick tip on how to create positive affirmations:

1. Start with the word “I am” followed by an action verb or a long dreamt of adjective.

2.Use the present tense.

3.State it in the most positive way.

4.Keep it clear and brief to the point.

5.Specify through a simple positive language what exactly the goal is.

6.It is preferable to use strong dynamic words.

Now that you are set to go,some extra details should be kept in mind.

Usually if done on daily basis with high belief,affirmations need about 26 to 30 days to show up to the surface of your own mind and afterwards one would feel the shift in the inner energy and mindset.

Keep in mind that this technique works whether it is deliberate or unintentional

i.e what we say to ourselves is what gets imprinted into our future “wanna be’s”.


Emerging this routine into your daily habits is considered to sustain your subconscious’ well being just like we work on our own regiment of physical sustainability.

And that is why you should add a sprinkle of affirmations while having the delight of your daily meals.



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