Expressive message from Bill Gates

Bill Gates

What does Corona / Covid 19 virus really teach us?

I strongly believe that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether we consider it good or bad

  1. It reminds us that we are all equal, regardless of our culture, religion, profession, financial situation, or extent of our popularity. This disease treats us all equally, perhaps we should, too. And if you don’t believe us,
    Just ask Tom Hanks.
  2. It reminds us that we are all connected and that anything that happens to one person has an effect on another person. It reminds us that the false borders that we have set have little value, because this virus does not need a passport. It reminds us, of our suppression for a short time, and of those who spend their entire lives in oppression.
  3. It reminds us of how important our health is and how we neglected it by eating poor processed foods and drinking water contaminated with chemicals. If we don’t take care of our health, then of course we will get sick.
  4. It reminds us of the limitations of life and the most important for us, which is to help each other, especially the elderly or the sick. Our goal is not to buy a toilet roll.
  5. It reminds us of how our society has become materialistic and how in times of difficulty we remember the necessities we need (food, water, medicine)
    Unlike luxuries that we sometimes give unnecessary value.
  6. It reminds us of the importance of our family and home life and our neglect. It forces us to go back to our homes so we can rebuild it in our house
    To strengthen our family unit.
  7. It reminds us that our real work is not our work, this is what we do, and it is not what we are created to do.
    Our real job is to care for each other, protect each other and benefit from each other.
  8. Reminds us to protect ourselves. It reminds us that no matter how awesome we are or how others think we are great,
    The virus can stop our world.
  9. It reminds us that our free will power is in our hands. We can choose to cooperate and help each other, share, give, help and support each other, or we can choose to be, to gather treasures, and to take care of only ourselves.
    In fact, it is the difficulties that bring out our true colors.
  10. It reminds us that we can have patience or panic. We can either understand that this type of situation has occurred many times before in history and will pass, or we can feel panic and see that it is the end of the world, and therefore, we cause great harm to ourselves rather than benefit ourselves.
  11. It reminds us that this could be a new end or beginning. This can be a time for reflection and understanding, as we learn from our mistakes, or it can be the beginning of a course that will continue until we finally learn the lesson we are about.
  12. It reminds us that this land is sick. It reminds us that we need to look at the rate of deforestation quite urgently as we look at the speed with which toilet coils disappear from shelves. We are sick because our house is sick.
  13. It reminds us that after every difficulty, there is always ease. Life is periodic, and this is just a stage in this wonderful course. We don’t need to panic. All this will pass.
  14. While many see Corona / Covid 19 virus as a major disaster, I would prefer to see it as a (Great Therapist)

This beautiful story is sent to remind us of important lessons that we seem to have forgotten and it is up to us if we learn them or not.

Bill Gates

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