Young Soul.

  • Jane June 30, 2020

Young soul I know you have alot of hopes and dreams.

A big imagination and the clearest of hearts.

Spreading thoughts and having arguments.

Young Soul let me say.

You will be hustled alot,bruised even more.

So many disappointments and way more heart aches.

You will be loyal to the unloyal,but don’t get too tired when good ones come along.

Young Soul keep your scars as lessons not as shields,for scars make you unique but shields keep you alone.

Young soul learn to keep your hopes up,not your expectations,for hopes drive you forward but expectations mostly will hurt.

Young Soul learn to protect your heart but don’t build walls,for those walls will keep good ones aways,good ones that will have to carve hard into other’s past mistake.Mistakes they had nothing to do with.

Young Soul be fair for noone is to blame.

You will learn and fall and rise and forget.

Young Soul you will be hurt but don’t infuse any.

You will be betrayed but stay heartly loyal.

Free yourself with every breath of every morning and with each yawn you release at night.

Young Soul release your sadness and your despair,spread nothing but love,collect nothing but love for love is the only thing worth collecting and sharing.

Keep a full clear heart with a fuller clearer mind,one day it will all be worthwhile.

A letter to my younger soul!


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