What is your colour of Love!?

When speaking about the colour of love it is not uncommon to directly think of red as a first idea crossing your mind

Whether it is related to the heart shape according to the bloody color running through it,making it a luscious mental idol for what love is,or the global commercials that sold love as a chunk of a big hearted valentine’s jesture across the globe.

Red sticked to love as that dammed scarlet “A” once stuck to shame!

Not that kind of love is what we are talking about here,not even the sparkles of when you first felt it neither more are we mentioning the thundery rain of breakups.

Think about that moment you felt loved (or even better) the times you were “inlove”.

An urge of lightheadedness yet heavily gutted breathless sensation! The “pretty one” ofcourse.

Reminisce on the idea of the colourful-all rules of gravity defying emotion- chaotic yet dreamingly organized butterflies sensation.

A magical moment in time was yet withdrawn from the album of colourful shades of love!

Apart from the lusty violet sheets,the passionate red velvety smells.

A long far away from the brow near ashy dried out,lifeless and leave less trees.

Those trees extending their veiny chapped woody arms into the skies as if reaching out for the gods and goddesses of love,in a despair last breath of hope.

Here we are reminiscing on the springy living trees surrounded by colourful rainbows of butterfly tornadoes hugging the spirit of a heart beat,once too quick and another too slow!

What does your Love seem like?

Is it a tranquil and wise blue?

Or maybe an energetic yet intellectual yellow?

A friendly but dry green?

Any shade in the wide spectrum is acceptable,lovable and forgivable (even any shade of gray will do!) As long as you make it your own.

And in fact it does say a whole lot about your perception of love and sense of inner self.



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