10 Letters in the memory of a fire!

  • Jane April 10, 2020

You’ll always be my first!

My first wall down!

My first irrational,unconditional love!

Rules were made to be broken they said,but walls were made out of burning steel mixed with rustic pieces of shredded hopes of new beginnings.

Many have passed by u know!

The “Oh so lusty achiever”,:the success story teller gazing around for applauds”,”the narcissistic martyr”and so did “the old believer”.

Your once imprinted image banished them all,but you were each and everyone of them!

You know!?

  • “The lover”too has passed by,and so did the  “dreamer”on his way to his next fairy tale.

Your image banished them too,because you were each and everyone of them.

Tens and hundreds paved -so they thought- their way along,with only your shadows lingering by.

For better and for worst they said!?

But what is worst than a fire devouring paper for only praising its warmth.

A fire burning through a memorial of the man inside.

The pride in burning was itself a due in respect for the man long gone,burning into ashes the last silky thread of living.


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