Trophy Hearts.

  • Juda April 9, 2020


Waking into the memory of the day your creation became a reality in this realm.

Melancholic or an opportunist,you have had your glad moments as much as you have had sad ones.

Any hater of the game becomes a fan when inlove,isn’t it!?

Standing at the back door of each year blowing a wish into the coming one,has never been much to handle like this one!

Melting candles dripping burning tears on your pending cake.Gazing into that symmetrical tiny fire that formed itself so well in shape,not to distract your mind trip into memory.

Time paused waiting for your wish,looking around trying to find your window back into your moment,and there it hit you like a strike of lightning.

A board of broken pinned hearts stood behind you veiling the wall of disappointments.A background of the years that have passed along,and indeed passed away!

A board with expiry date labled hearts, an illusion of merit from years before and an excuse for the years ahead!

But wait!

What is that golden shiny plate on top!?

It is unreadable,squinting your eyes and extending you stiff neck forward into approaching,you swiftly get blown back only to see dates of every time your heart lost a piece,even the smallest shred that stole peace away was time stamped!!

No wonder that board was so neatly assembled with each broken heart out of existence,the main title was yours on top,it was a detailed obituary of your heart’s life.

But it wasn’t always like that,first half assembly was for keeping track.

Keeping track of the missing parts to once cover them with blossom buds coliding into a new beginning.Years passed by while shattering pieces away,so far that no buds can manage to cover.It was only then that trophies got collected with expiry dates to only keep tab on time,for memory.

Wishing on a teary candle was harder than to blow it away erasing memories.

Snapping back into the moment,finding that candle striving to stay awake in waiting for you to wish upon.

What once was a wish of a happy dreamy hope,has vanished into a lingering feeling of reversing the broken hearts board stabbed with stakes made of time,labled with dates of disappointments and kept for the reasoning of the heart.

Blow a wind of melancholic residues into your candle,so hard that none remained to cling on.

Open your eyes into the morning of your existence,wake up from the pinned nightmare.

Any day is a chance,a shot at a dream!



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