See the Blueprint!

  • Juda April 2, 2020

With an open state of mind and clear hearted insight let’s go through a journey 10 years back in time.

Stop and recall the worst encounter you had then.

How did it feel like?

Was is sad? Scary? Heartbreaking?

Maybe a lost job!? a missed out university major!? Or even a partner that you fell apart from!?

For sure there was that setback which made you feel like there was no tomorrow sunshine after it.

Let’s hang on that moment when it first hit you,that heart grip that pulled air away from your own lungs!

At least once,you have experienced – that feeling of a rock hitting the bottom of your stomach – mix of anger and unfairness.

Now months passed by,it hurts less or maybe not at all,you can spend a whole day without remembering what a bless it was to once again have a light breath and clear mind,but then your mind felt like talking a walk on memory lanes and took your heart with it.

While gazing into nothing at all , suddenly you have your visiual sight (short after) to continue whatever it was you were doing in the first place ofcourse with a sprinkle of melancholic feelings reminiscing on something gone,lost or missed.

After simmering on that memory for a while,let’s have a reality check in the present time were its mostly gone and dealt with.

Now again bounce through years that passed after your somewhat embellished grief.

What would have changed? I mean if you actually remained on that job, went for your specific dream major aw even stayed with that person!?

Whether you are at peace with where you are now in life or if you are still finding your way around,it is undeniable that you encountered many blessings along the way, and a whole lot of happy moments swifted into your heart.

Think again!

Would you have gotten to where you are now if you got what you once were clinging on?

Would you have learnt? Would you have had the same life path,goals,achievements?

Devine timing was paving your way, all you went through,every single setback,every up and every down were turnovers in your life’s blueprint.

Living life with such notion of the past,will make a perfect sense of many misfortunate events you had to live and feel,while living from this angle of perception for the “then,now and after “will turn you from a melancholic somehow bitter skeptic into an opportunist.

Because in every downfall their is an opportunity!

A simple shift in your mindset,from things being done “to you” to actually believing that things are done “for you”,would go along way in realizing that “the magical blueprint” was in your favour all along.




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