Take the bullet!

  • Juda March 28, 2020

Vulnerability is the essence of emotions and inner feelings,therefore your view on being vulnerable is your own way on how you comprehend and deal with it.

Whether you think it is weak or strong,it is of high importance to be vulnerable aka. being  intouch and connected to your own,to your deep source of feelings.

Realistic wise speaking allowing yourself being vulnerable means having the capacity to “feel” and it is no secret that feelings can give you flying wings to merry land or it can sink you in the saddest desperate  dungeons there ever is.

But! If you know what is best for you,you would know that nothing tops being connected to YOU,the real version of yourself that has a various storage of emotions built in.

The so called bulletproof genre of humans don’t get to have the joy of ups and downs in life, yes indeed they might get less judgemental looks and approaches maybe even less hurtful interactions,but guess what!?

Life is tricky yet fair that way,you can’t get a custom made copy of your preferenced emotions,you have to feel the bad in order to feel the good!

The hurt free zone people wrap themselves in has no window to sun shine land.

Being synchronized with your own flow is what being authentic is all about.That self built fortress is holding out as much as it is protecting from the inside.

To say the least inauthentic people nearly never sustain any kind of healthy meaningful relations not romantic,not social and not even in their work space.

It is an evolving world where people are more easily detecting the façade around them,and this is exactly the image reflected from a proud invincible systematic individual.

Yes we might respect them, we might even take orders from them but may we never be them.

The only genuine thing that we really own in life are our unbottled emotions whether good or bad,and it is a real waste of overwhelming experience to choose not to feel it.



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