Why affirmations should be your breakfast,lunch and dinner? (Part 2)

  • Juda March 25, 2020
I am Enough

After establishing what affirmations are and how to be used (Why affirmations should be your breakfast,lunch and dinner Part 1)  let’s go into what affirmations are “used for”.

Mental, subconsciousness, physical and spiritual well being can be accomplished through out the practice and dedication in using a daily regimen of affirmative statements.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities, hopes dreams and achievements.

Sounds surreal!? It sure feels like it.

Using positive affirmations is a popular technique used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to replace existing thoughts that may be untrue and harmful into positive and effective state of mind.

In order to start any self improvement journey, keep in mind that it is mandatory to first know yourself and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses that way you can use the first to empower the second.

While that being said,a very important fact should be noted.

Affirmations can work both ways so its vital that you take high notice of what you speak to your mind on daily basis, positivity only produces positive results and fair enough so does negativity.

Even though affirmations can be “mixed and matched” sort of speech, but nonetheless each aspect should be thoughtfully organized according to scope, ability and belief. They can never be handled as mere words released into the unknown. A beautiful yet magical approach is thinking of it as a genie from an old fairy tale, with a twist! Taken with awareness and acknowledgement of the desire rather than the “need”.

We are allowed to want but never need anything, need is a scarcity mindset that will eventually get you on a lower vibration than you already are, on the other hand a mindset of abundance and assertion will hand over the achievements intended.

When affirmations like : I am rich, I am healthy,I am productive, I am abundant, …used in the present tense they assert the power of belief!

All in all belief is the most genuine tool for any accomplishment there is, physical and spiritual as well. Visionaries used this technique way before it was written and taught as a self improvement dialogue.

For Book lovers on this topic I do recommend you check out “The most powerful Book of Affirmations ever written”

by Sheldon T. Ceaser”

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