Stop It!

  • Juda March 25, 2020
Stop it

What are your fears?

Not your day to day worriedness,what is your inner deep panic triggers?


Most of us if not all passed along a panicking -short breath almost teary at some instants- kind of attacks.

Whether it is Atychiphobia (fear of failure),acrophobia (fear of heights),astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning) or even like yours truly an

ex-arachnophobic (fear of spiders).

Ex-arachnophobic!? Sounds interesting?

Indeed after going through years of pale face and speechless mimics at the slightest presence of that small 8 legged insect.One day there it was right infront of me with no helping feet to offer stepping over the little offender, a voice was resurrected in my mind saying :Stop it,

stop it!!

Keeping a long story short,years ago in an embarrassing encounter (to say the least!)

there I was moving around and spotted a predator -refering to a little harmless spider-while I stood looking freezingly lemonish

a friend came in to say hello and saw me looking all gazing and speechless,after asking hurriedly what is wrong,I managed to point out at a tiny spider about 3 feet away.

He effortlessly stepped on it!

After a gasp of air and I sigh of relief I explained that I suffer from such a phobia.

After a minute of cooling down my friend shared a thought he had read about overcoming phobias with a simple “Stop it!” technique done in moment of trauma and  explained how liberating the feeling could get.

This incident and the “Stop it!” firm order was the resurrected voice in my head,while facing it alone,and there at that moment I was freed mumbling it over and over for a minute that felt like a month it was all gone,the fear the fast heartbeats and shortened breath.

And in other later incidents it was proven to me that I was over it,went from not being able to even pronounce the “spider” word to being able to just move around freely while the little angular insect paid an unexpected visit.

This kind of phobia is not as crippling and paralyzing to daily activities as some other phobias out there,but if you ever felt the real immobilizing fear of anything you should try the “Stop it” voice in the back of your head to vanish the fear,it is sure worth the trial.
Keeping in mind that this is approached from a personal experience more than it is from a psychological angel.

Here is a short list of phobias,do u face any?

acrophobia, fear of heights

aerophobia, fear of flying

arachnophobia, fear of spiders

astraphobia, fear of thunder and lightning

autophobia, fear of being alone

claustrophobia, fear of confined or crowded spaces

hemophobia, fear of blood

hydrophobia, fear of water

ophidiophobia, fear of snakes

zoophobia, fear of animals

If this sounds intresting or if you have any sorts of fears and you are a book lover I do recommend you check out  “The anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne”

Stop it

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