The name qirqiz or kyrgyz dates back to the eighth century. The Kyrgyz people originated in the Siberian region of the Yenisey Valley and traveled to the area of modern-day Kyrgyzstan in response to pressure from the Mongols. The Kyrgyz people believe that their name means kirkkyz, (forty girls), and that they are descended from forty tribes.
Kyrgyzstan has an area of 198,500 square kilometers Its neighbors are China to the southeast, Kazakstan to the north, Tajikistan to the southwest, and Uzbekistan to the northwest.
The capital, Bishkek, is in the north, close to the Kazak outskirt, where it was known as Frunze during the Soviet time. The nation is partitioned into north and south by mountain ranges. Northern culture has been impacted by Russians, while southern culture has retained Uzbek customs. The Naryn district in focal Kyrgyzstan is generally separated, and it is here that the Kyrgyz culture is generally “pure.”

Kyrgyzstan was estimated at more than 4.5 million. Approximately 52.4% are Kyrgyz. Ethnic Russians 22.5 % and Uzbeks  12.6 %.
Kyrgyz is a Turkic language, In 2000 Russian was adopted as an official national language but in school they study Kyrgyz, Russian, and English.
The Kyrgyz are a family of artists which identity its embodied in the yurt, or boz-ui, the traditional Kyrgyz dwelling. The boz-ui is an important cultural symbol, as both the center of the Kyrgyz family and the showplace of Kyrgyz art. The Kyrgyz flag reflects this. On a field of red a yellow sun is centered with forty rays coming from it.

It is interesting to note that the unofficial national anthem is “Ala-Too,” which names the various features of Kyrgyzstan’s landscape. The mountains are described as a body wearing snow and sky, and Lake Issyk-Kul is the eye. Issyk-Kul, in the northeastern part of the country, is called the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan,” and its beauty is a source of great pride. Both the mountains and the lake are on the Kyrgyz seal behind a large golden eagle, flanked by shirdak designs, cotton, and wheat.




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