Brothers Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Hartono

Robert Budi Hartono and his brother, Michael Hartono, are the two richest people in Indonesia. The brothers get more than two-thirds of their fortune from their investment in Bank Central Asia. The family first got rich in tobacco and is still one of the biggest clove cigarette makers in the nation.

Robert Budi Hartono  is a Chinese Indonesian tobacco billionaire with a 2018 net worth of US$12.6 billion. He owns and runs the privately held Djarum, the world’s third largest maker of clove cigarettes. Djarum has reportedly recently grabbed shares from the number two cigarette firm, Sampoerna.

Budi Hartono also has a stake with his brother, Michael Bambang Hartono in one of Indonesia’s biggest banks, Bank Central Asia.

 In 2019, Budi Hartono’s net worth reportedly reached US$18.6 billion and he was nominated as the richest Indonesian and 54th richest person in the world.

Michael Bambang Hartono (born 2 October 1939 in Kudus, Central Java), also known as Oei Hwie Siong, is a Chinese Indonesian billionaire heir and businessman.

Michael and his brother Robert Budi are the owners of kretek (clove cigarette) manufacturer Djarum, which they inherited from their father Oei Wie Gwan upon his death in 1963. Growing the business to a large conglomerate including Bank Central Asia, electronics, plantations and various properties, they became the richest in the country with Michael himself having a net worth in excess of $10 billion.


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